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Thanks to the boom in online education and the increasing focus on online engagement, institutions are producing more video and audio media than ever before, promoted on social media and other platforms. Caption.Ed enable your institution to easily and instantly add captions to any media, on any platform, at the click of a button.

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Stay in Control

Our institutional licences provide your institution with crystal-clear visibility and control over how and where Caption.Ed is being used, right down to the single-user level.

Features include: monitor usage, invite new users, create user-dependent blocks and limits, review transcripts and access our market-leading transcript editing suite, all from your centralised Institutional Dashboard.

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Student Driven, Less Admin

At Caption.Ed, we know that everyone works differently and uses different tools. That’s why our software is available and compatible with all major platforms – including as a Windows desktop app, Mac desktop app, via our Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension, and soon on mobile too.

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Active Feedback & Human Moderation

Whilst we provide the industry’s highest quality automated captioning, we know there are times when captions will need some human intervention. Using both user and AI-driven feedback on caption quality, we can highlight media and transcripts that require human moderation. As an institution, you can then assign ‘Editors’ who are able to use our market-leading and easy to use editing suite to amend captions as required.

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Cross Platform

We aim to be fully cross-platform. We have applications available for Windows, Mac, Google Chrome and can even integrate directly with Zoom. Watch out for iOS and Android compatibility which will be released in 2021, allowing you to caption any live or pre-recorded media, online or in-person.

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Flexible Institutional Pricing

Our university pricing is flexible and designed to meet the individual needs of each university – from pay-as-you-go, through to fixed-price contracts, we can support you with a pricing plan that works for you. Speak to one of the team today to explore the full range of pricing, services and advice Caption.Ed can provide.

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Human Transcript Editor

Use our transcript editor to make immediate changes to the content of any transcript. The Caption.Ed Editor displays the confidence level for the auto-generated content on a word-by-word basis, so you can easily identify and focus on the words that may need attention, rather than reviewing the full transcript. With a full audit log of all changes available for review, ensuring your captions and transcripts remain 100% accurate has never been easier.

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Peace of Mind With Enterprise Level Security

No voice data is ever visible to Caption.Ed servers

Servers hosted on AWS with all necessary security features turned on

Encryption used everywhere, in-transit and at-rest

Tight control over the use of 3rd party subprocessors

Cost Effective Institutional Pricing

For institutional clients we offer a number of different pricing options.

Active Only

  • We create captions on the fly for every request to caption a video.
  • Nothing is saved, every.
  • £3.00 GBP per hour of captioning.


  • We create captions on the fly for your first request and then save them for reuse with other University users.
  • Captions fully encrypted and saved on our servers.
  • As low as 50p per hour.

Individual Student License

  • Bespoke licenses for specific students needs.
  • Fully flexible for the needs of a student.

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